An Overview of Grand Bingo

An Introduction to Club Grand Bingo

Club Grand Bingo is a traditional bingo hall situated in Bournemouth. The establishment has been one of the leading entertainment attractions for more than thirty years as it offers free membership for all of the bingo games to anyone over the age of 18 years and has a bar and restaurant.

Club Grand Bingo is a licensed bingo hall venue that is open seven days a week. The license was issued by the Bournemouth Borough Council and allows all players of legal age to partake responsibly in any of the bingo games.

The History of the Bingo Club’s Venue

The building that Club Grand Bingo is situated in has always been called The Grand. The building was originally a theatre and cinema that opened in 1922 and seated up to 1 000 people. It was named The Grand as it was considered innovative for the era as there was an elevator and a sliding roof.

The building was rated a Grade 2 listed venue and was originally owned by an independent owner until it was purchased by Savoy cinemas in 1935. The venue was then referred to as the Grand Super Cinema until it was again purchased by an independent owner in 1953. It was only in 1975 that the venue became a bingo club and has since been running successfully as the Club Grand Bingo.

Playing Bingo at Club Grand Bingo

Club Grand Bingo is centrally located and allows all player from 18 years of age to claim membership instantly. Two bingo for money sessions are held in the afternoons from Monday to Saturday and there are two sessions in the evening every single day of the week. The games are traditional bingo games with the standard rules applying to all of the players. There are a variety of different tickets for purchase and players can play multiple tickets if they wish to.

Even though the bingo hall is a traditional type of venue they offer electronic bingo touchpads that have been installed to allow players to play up to 48 tickets in one go and the tickets are low cost. Grand prizes for each session are about 1 000 British pounds and national bingo games have grand prizes of up to 250 000 British pounds.

All players visiting or playing at the establishment have access to a fully licensed bar and restaurant as well as a café for light refreshments. Right of admission is reserved and all of the bingo players have access to the various promotions that are on offer.

Promotions and Prizes at Club Grand Bingo

Apart from the grand prizes available at each bingo game session and the national bingo games, there are smaller prizes offered which amount to over 500 British pounds. There are daily promotions offering different costs for tickets and entrance into bingo games and there are special rates for groups.

The special promotions, prizes and costs may change but it is possible to find out what is on offer by phoning the venue or visiting the Club Grand Bingo website.