Overview of Cashanova Online Slot from Microgaming

Cashanova is a fun filled slot based on the famous romantic figure of Casanova, but with the all important factor of money included too, hence the play on words and title of the slot, Cashanova. Cashanova is a modern video slot that plays out over five reels and has thirty optional paylines. Casino players have the option to wager up to ten coins per line, making this a potentially very lucrative slot, especially when you include the various bonus elements. Cashanova can also be played for both real and free money on various sites, making it a great slot for beginners and players who just want to have some light hearted entertainment on a rainy afternoon.

Romantic Theme and Goofy Graphics

Comparing to Thunderstruck 2 pokie, the theme for this slot may look obvious on face value, but it has a rather surreal twist. Giacomo Girolamo Casanova was an historic figure that was renowned for his ways with the ladies. MicroGaming have taken this idea and oddly enough turned the famous flame into a chicken. Yes, a chicken. A rooster actually, who has to woo a scantily clad chicken that makes shameless advances on our chauvinistic fowl.

Obviously with this rather surreal theme, the graphics for the slot would have to be in a cartoon style, which they are. The look very similar to Saturday morning cartoons of yesteryear filled with ducks and rabbits. MicroGaming has done them very well however, as they are sharp and well drawn and some of them animate, such as the scantily clad chicken lady. The slot’s over all feel is very light hearted. It is full of bright colours and funny quips and will definitely keep you amused.

Cashanova Online Casino Slot Icons

Silly Symbols

The symbols in Cashanova are all rather silly, but definitely fun too. On the reels you can find things such as whipped cream, champagne, a pipe and some fruit, presumably for our Cashanova to feed to his darling. There is also a magazine called Henhouse with another scantily clad chicken on the front. The team from MicroGaming who came up with this slot must have had either a fabulous sense of humour, or a pipe full of something very odd.

The special symbols on the reels are Roger the Rooster himself, who plays the role of the wild and can replace any other symbol in the game except for the scatters and the bonus symbols. Five of him in a row will award you with a pretty decent 15 000 coins. The magazine is the scatter symbol, and will pay out a multiplier if you hit three to five of them anywhere on the reels. Five of them is worth a whopping 100x your stake, so if you are playing with the maximum bet.

Chicken Love Bonus Games

Cashanova has two main bonus features, one involving rather bizarre love between chickens. The first feature is launched by finding three or more Key symbols anywhere on the reels. The three keys will take you to a second screen round where you have to help our randy rooster to choose a gift to give to Henrietta the Hen, in the hopes of bedding her.

The second feature is launched when you hit three or more Free Range bonus symbols again anywhere on the reels. Here you get to choose one free spin, one multiplier and one extra win icon, each revealing a respective prize.