Let’s Have a Quick Look at Video Slots for Casino Gamblers

Slots are the worlds most popular casino games online, but its video slots that are the preferred genre. Essentially classic reel slots all grown up, video slots are a more advanced version of the original style games that took the world by storm.

In the 1980’s these games started becoming popular in land based casinos however in the 90’s, when gaming went online video slots became somewhat side-lined initially. As technology improved and so too did the quality of online casino games, video slots became increasingly popular and today there are hundreds of these exciting games spread across the web.

Exceptional Features

Part of video slots’ immense appeal is their incredible array of special features. These games almost always boast at least one bonus round that includes free spins, multipliers or other rewards. Often, second screen bonus game are activated and players have to engage in a Pick a Box or Wheel of Fortune type of game in order to find out what they’ve won. Tiered bonus features are also very popular, with players progressing with every task or level reached.

Innovative bonuses make video slots very appealing as they add to the excitement, but they also enhance a players winning potential and make the games all the more lucrative.

Wilds and Scatters

Wild and Scatter symbols feature in almost every online video slots game, but both symbols are not always included in every game. Generally, a Wild symbol will stand in for all others except for the games’ Scatter symbol to create a winning combination. Additionally the Wild may also be responsible for activating a bonus round or paying out the highest jackpot.

The Scatter is usually able to anywhere on the reels and a certain number of these symbols will result in a payout or the activation of a bonus game. Scatter payouts can be very lucrative, as can the free spins and other bonus games they activate.

Multipliers are also commonly associated with Scatters and Wilds and can increase player’s winnings by a set number of times when a certain combination is spun.

Variable Paylines

One of the many aspects that sets video slots aside from classic reel games is that the feature a varying number of paylines that can be wagered on. Players can pick how many coins they’d like to bet per payline and in many cases will need to opt for the maxbet, or wager on all paylines in order to be eligible for a jackpot win.

Some video slots have done away with paylines all together and opted for the Ways to Win or Winning Ways format, which sees players enjoy more winning opportunities with every spin. With these formats players don’t have to land set symbols on an enabled payline, they simply have to attain a winning combination in a set format on the reels.

State-of-the-Art Graphics

Online video slots are renowned for their incredible graphics and slick animations. Additionally, sound tracks that add to the ambience have been added and players are sure to enjoy an immersive experience with every spin.

Storylines unfold as the reels roll and with games often based on movie or popular culture characters, players can get in on the action in the best possible way.