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A Look at the Best Totes for Horse Racing Bettors

The concept of tote betting was first mooted in Britain by the UK Government in 1928. Originally known as the Horserace Totalisator Board, today operating in the UK under the Totesport name, the Tote is available throughout the country, with outlets at all the racecourses too. The Tote, today, is fully equipped with internet access and call centres, extending the pool betting links to similar organisations throughout the world.

Tote betting is, effectively, a systematic system of using the advantages of pool betting on horse racing. This betting system is referred to as pari-mutuel betting. Pari-mutuel betting means that bets of a particular type are placed in a pool. The standard taxes and the house take are removed from the pool. The pay-out odds are then calculated by sharing the pool wealth amongst all the winning players. This is the reason that when betting on the Tote the final pay-out is not determined until the pool is closed. In bets with fixed odds, the pay-out is agreed upon when the bet was originally placed.

The Benefits Aligned with Tote Betting

To a horseracing punter, the best totes facilitate some significant betting benefits. Firstly, punters can access what are called the floating and shifting odds for their bets. Based upon the number of punters participating, the volume of the bets placed and the outcome of the event, the odds available on the outcome in this betting format change, and the well-informed punter stands to win significant returns. Secondly, the size of the community participating reflects the size of the purse. This means that with the best totes being online and easily accessed, plus the globalization of events, some of the most lucrative odds are available through these best totes.

Sporting events constitute perhaps the greatest community entertainment we have. Fans have been known to overcome huge odds to witness sporting events, including travelling around the world, but whether attending live or watching on television, sport attracts huge numbers of viewers. Sportsmen and women that are treated like heroes, and mostly paid commensurately.

The all-consuming interest and passion for sport has also generated a huge sports betting industry that is so profitable and widespread. Horse racing is extraordinarily popular, and has led the way in terms of betting options and variety. Tote betting is a direct result of this, and the best Totes have blossomed with increased online access and broad-based online sports betting. These large, organised, highly beneficial and best Totes are now easily accessed by everyone wishing to place a bet.

The Horse Racing Leadership

Betting on the horses has fascinated punters for centuries. There is a wealth of possibilities with many different bets available, and a proliferation of excellent online betting sites. Betting on the horses has yielded the concept of pool, or Tote betting. With the large numbers involved thanks to online communities, the best Totes can be utilised to great effect by an astute punter. With online access, punters can sit at home and use their computers or tablets to place their bets on.

In ending, punters are always advised to shop around and investigate the best Totes that are available at the online sports books. This will enable them to effectively join forces with an entire online community, and make the most of the big wins available in horse racing.