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Aba Güresi in Detail for Sports Bettors

Aba Güresi is a recognised sport, believe it or not. This is considered to be an ancestral sport in the land of Turkey, and is an annual oil wrestling tournament.

Aba Güresi is considered a style of folk wrestling which is also often referred to as jacket wrestling. This art form dates back to the 19th century and also became popular in America. It is said to believe that the historical first president, George Washington, practiced this ancient sport.

From the onset, the sport of Aba Güresi was seen to be a very informal activity with events being organised at saints’ days, fairs or social gatherings. Aba Güresi was not penned down and the rules where carried over from one generation to another.

How to Win at Aba Güresi

This wrestling type is similar to the types of wrestling we know today. A match of Aba Güresi can be won by a move called the “fall”. If one of the contestants manages to hold both shoulders of his opponent down on the ground simultaneously, he will have won the match.

It could also occur that one of the wrestlers is regarded as technically more superior than the other. Should one wrestler have a 10 point advantage on his opponent during the course of play, the Aba Güresi will be finished and he would have won.

If none of the wrestlers achieve either a fall or a 10 point advantage during the course of the wrestling game, the referee will then have to take a decision on which the winner is, based on their final scores. Should it so happen that both wrestlers end on the same score, the winner of the Aba Güresi match will then be determined in the order as follows:

  1. How many cautions where granted to each participant for penalties
  2. The wrestler with the most 3 point moves
  3. The wrestler with the most 2 point moves
  4. The wrestler with the most 1 point moves
  5. The very last technical point rewarded.

Sports Betting – Aba Güresi Style

Unlike tennis, this sport is not very popular amongst sport betting houses, but it does exist. If you are interested in the art of Aba Güresi and you want to bet some money on this sport, there will be a website or land based betting house that has bets on these types of tournaments.

You should do proper research on the sport betting sites you plan to register with, as some of them might not be legitimate or above board. Take time to read reviews on the betting sites you find attractive and read up on how to start betting and what the process around it is.

Make sure you use a reputable betting house and always play it safe. Keep in mind that most of the betting sites have first time bonus features and attractive joining specials. Be sure to read up on all the terms and conditions regarding these bonus features and choose a sports betting site that suites your needs best.