Casino Party Drinking Games Reviewed

Want to throw a wild casino party that’s filled with fun and drinking games? We’ve got the best ideas for you right here, and with just a little bit of imagination you can have as much fun as we had trying these all out! 

Shot Roulette

I have to start with this because it’s loads of fun, and can get you loaded too. All you need is a cardboard wheel that’s designed to look a bit like a Roulette wheel. Then, you can place miniature bottles of booze at different pockets on the wheel. Instead of players placing bets on where the ball will land, they’ll be betting on whether the pointer will land on a bottle and they’ll drink or not. If, after the wheel spins and bottle lands on the pointer, they’ll get to keep their bet, and have to take a shot of whatever is in the bottle. If no bottle lands, they’ll lose their bet!

Dart Poker

Similar in principle, players need to hit cards on a board that will make up a poker hand. Before they get given their darts, they’ll need to bet on whether or not they’ll be able to hit a winning hand. If they miss, the bet is lost, but if they attain 3 of a Kind, a Royal Flush or any other ranked poker hand, they get to keep their bet, and they get to drink too!

Barfly Blackjack

Beware this game, as it is one you need to keep your wits about you, and if you’ve played the blackjack online Canada has to offer before, you’ll be in good company. You’ll play ordinary Blackjack against the dealer, but for every hand you or the dealer loses you’ll have to take a sip of your drink. This works really well if you have made cocktails or are drinking out the same type of glasses, as it is easy to see who is going to finish their’s first!

Wheel of Fortune Fun

Making your own wheel of fortune is about as simple as making your own mock Roulette wheel. It doesn’t take long and needs 1 screw in the middle to ensure that it turns. For this game you can divide the wheel into different coloured segments, and each has an instruction or prize. You can let people spin and they could win a shot, a cocktail, a beer, or just about anything else. You’ll need to vary the segments and what they say though, as you don’t want everyone getting too tipsy too fast.

Jello Shot Bingo

Jello shots are plenty of fun to make, and even more fun to drink! You can even make them in red, black and green if you like, as these are the quintessential casino colours! You’ll need to make your own bingo cards too, an these don’t just have to have numbers on them, they can focus on the theme of the party, and feature all kinds of casino inspired squares you need to cross off as you go. The first person to hit Bingo! Gets a jello shot –  make mine a double!