The Perfect Vegas Themed Pool Party Ideas

If you’re keen on throwing a decadent pool party, or just one that’s cheap, cheerful and loads of fun, why not opt for a Vegas-themed event that will make all your friends smile? This theme can be executed in so many ways, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either. You can get your inspiration from the summer parties that take place in Sin City, and have just as much fun at home.

Take a look at these ideas and see if you can recreate Vegas by the pool!

Inflatables Add to the Fun

If you can find blow up cubes you can always paint them with waterproof paint to look like giant dice, and if you’re feeling extra creative you can buy blow up lilo’s and customise them to look like playing cards. This can be relatively easy, as you can opt to just draw on the symbols and numbers, or you can go all out and opt for the Jack, Queen and King.

Alternatively, you can opt for inflatables that fit a black, red and green colour scheme to give the impression of casino chips floating across the pool.

Serve Snacks That Suit The Theme

No pool party is complete without snacks, and there are so many opportunities to have fun with your theme here. You can serve canapés that are decorated to look like playing cards and dice on a green felt table, or you could even opt for delicious ice cream flavours in the traditional casino colour scheme.

Of course, Vegas is also famous for its decadent buffets, so if you like you could set your own one up outside!

Drink Up

Every casino party needs a bar. and where better to have one than right by the pool? You can serve up sumptuous cocktails that make your guests feel like they are in Sin City, or you can make slush puppies or jello shots in the same green, black and red colour scheme. Fun straws, giant cocktail or beer glasses and loads of ice will complete your bar set up.

For true decadence you could also create a floating bar, and let your guests swim up and enjoy their favourite tipple while they play a few games or look for the best odds for betting on later. After all, extravagance is all part of the Vegas lifestyle!

A DJ and Décor

Vegas is home to some of the hottest pool parties and they always have a DJ spinning the decks. If you can afford it, see if you can hire a DJ, otherwise set up speakers and make sure that the music you play gets everyone in a party mood.

Just because you are outside doesn’t mean you have to scrimp o décor either. You can create your own casino-themed décor, or you can set up a few mirror balls that add to the festive atmosphere. Fairy lights are also a cheap but fun way to liven things up, especially if you are planning on partying in the pool after dark.